Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When AI and Mechanical Engineering Meet.

Fascinated by the AI and the multi-agent systems concepts in my present academical journey, I begin to see clearly that my previous academic background (bachelor in mechanical engineering and master in logistics engineering) is actually coherent with the existing skill set that I am currently exploring.

The KIVA robotic system, a marriage between the multi-agent system and mechanical engineering fields, has really opened my eyes.

Guess what, one of the KIVA co-founders, Raffaello D'Andrea, is a control systems (mechanical) expert.

Tried to browse another videos of him and found the following video from the cmurobotics.  CMU robotics is really becoming one of my most referred youtube channels at the moment.

Stay hungry, stay foolish (Steve Jobs), stay researching... (Meditya Wasesa) LOL :p

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lagu "Selamanya Indonesia"

Lagu enak dari 21st night, Video yang di-upload ini bukan video official tapi (menurut gw) lebih ngerepresentasiin Indonesia dibanding dengan video keluaran band aslinya (no hard feelings..), lagunya tetep enak ko.. susah cari lagu bagus jaman sekarang.. :p

Thursday, July 12, 2012

2 Guru Videos on Multi-agent Coordination

For those who are interested in multi-agent coordination, its very possible that you may have "touched" Ed Durfee's paper in IEEE Computer (i.e. "Scaling Up Agent Coordination Strategies") and the very nice overview paper by Ed Durfee and Victor Lesser that was published in IEEE TKDE (i.e. "Trends in Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving").

I have tried to find some inspirations and found 2 videos on multi-agent coordination that were presented by the Ed Durfee and Vic Lesser.  Gr8T!!!

The following video is presented by Ed Durfee. 

For more details, two extra videos (presented by his PhDs) that explain the same topic can be seen via these url: the "Influence-based Policy Abstraction for Weakly-coupled DEC-POMDPs" and "Algorithms for Solving the Multiagent Simple Temporal Problem".   

For Victor Lesser's video, follow this video lecture. net's link.

Have fun.. May the inspirations be with you.. :D  ho.. ho.. ho..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Barabási's "Linked" + "Bursts" in 1 Hour Video 

Follow this link for the video.  Unfortunately, it seems that the presentation for the "bursts" part is truncated.. Too bad, I could not get the full access to the section that I needed the most.. =(

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

R & Gephi - a Starter Story

For the last couple of weeks, I have forced my self to use R-statistics for my data mining / machine learning/ predictive analyses.  The big fear was coming from the basic freaky "geeky" console that does not reflect user friendliness.  However, someone recommended me to use R-Studio for a better way to access R.  I've used it and have become a bit addicted to it.

The growing R communities that have developed numerous useful free packages thrill me a lot.  We can find a lot of free packages for any data analysis technique.  We just have to invest a bit of time to read each package's documentation, try-out some easy tutorials, and then apply the technique to our problem.  Moreover some visualization packages that will convert your analysis results into appealing charts are also available (e.g. the legendary "ggplor2", arulesViz, etc).  I show a sample visualization in the chart below, for more great stuffs and research inspirations we can visit the r-blogger and many other great blogs.

So why wait using this brilliant powerful free- analytic tool.  One other thing, in the near future I may need to visualize network charts beautifully.  The gephi free software may be a strong option.  I've noticed that many (network) researchers recommend it, I may give it a try (if the time permits.. help..@_@) .. The video teaser is quite appealing...

Introducing Gephi at JavaOne from gephi on Vimeo.

Random Photo: Waiting for the Day to Come