Sunday, October 14, 2012

My First 5 Km Running Competition: Bergse Plasloop 2012

I and the Bergse Plasloop's Atmosphere.

Oh boy, I just had a wonderful experience today.  I was running for my first 5km competition under my cool workplace endorsement.  When I received the public invitation about the inter company competition 2 months ago, I was a bit unsure.  I never ran longer than 2k, and I'm not into athletics. I am more into game sports (e.g. football, basketball, table soccer, unfortunately no table basketball ;)).  Nevertheless, I was really interested and accepted the challenge to run for such a distance.  I thought, writing new experience in my book of life is not a bad idea.

The Route and The Results.
And.. it was not bad for a guy who did descent preparations.  In total, I practiced twice before the D-day.  The first one was a total disaster, 7 days before the D-day, I ran for about 3-5 minutes and my legs were aching (excuses excuses..).  The second practice, three days before the D-day, was a bit better, I ran for 7.125 km accidentally (actually I wanted to run only 5 km) for 50 minutes.  Today, I ran for the competition and quite happy with the result (25:45 minutes for 4.88 km).  Yeay,!!!  Thanks for the company who put me in the team and let me collect this brilliant experience.

The Gear and The Cool Running Shirt.