Friday, March 13, 2009

Sixth Sense Gadget


One time I had lunch discussion with my coach. The topic was e-learning. I told him that I'm a big fans of Since I am a beginner in this computer science (CS) world I find that the website is very useful in introducing a lot of CS skill set.

Enough bout that part, now its the fun part..
He replied that he also like to watch video via internet too. He referred me to the site Well there is one special talk by Pattie Maes (approx. 9 minutes) available in that site

more description about the project is also available in you tube

You should see it guys.. The video shows amazing development of 6th sense gadget. I just cannot speak anymore, the video will tell you everything. It really shows you how the future technology will be.

Pattie Maes is a professor in MIT media lab. Her research group website shows how cool, how creative, and how rock n roll (sorry I always abuse this term since it's my favorite) her research group is.

Well, though my research topic is more business oriented, watching creative guys always bring me an inspiration to think more crazy, more independent yet more creative. Hail the creativity :)

Nice Weekend!!!

ps. thanks Wolf for the chat!!!