Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Multi-Tenant Blog : Should I Specialize My Blog?

I just received a task, in which I have to learn a bit about the multi-tenant software development topic. Being new to the field, the first thing I do is googling the keyword (i.e. "multi-tenancy"). As usual, wikipedia holds the first rank. What surprised me, is that a personal blog holds the second rank for this keyword. The Multi-Tenancy blog, that is created by CP Bezemer, a PhD student from TU Delft NL, seems quite successful in delivering relevant information to its readers.

I read the blog for a couple of hours. It is well written. Moreover, the blog owner's is also a researching this very specific topic and tries to convey his knowledge to the world. Although less frequent updates are published, the blog is quite successful in gaining audience. It has encouraged me to not being afraid to write something specific.

Maybe I should specialize my blog... mmm.. I guess not, I like to mix everything in this lovely artifact of mine, yabba dabba doo.. :p

cartoon source ->

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Favourite Place for Lunch - Warung Mini Rotterdam

Hi, just want to share my favorite place for having lunch. As Indonesian, I feel that eating rice is somehow considered a must. Although I have spent 5.5 years living in Europe, I find it very difficult to enjoy eating bread on a regular basis. For lunch, I do not have many alternatives. I can force myself to eat bread and cheese, but eating is about enjoying right :p

One day a friend of mine, who is working at Warung Mini Rotterdam, told me that Warung Mini use halal chicken for their dishes. This is a great news. Since then I have more alternatives for eating lunch. Normally I eat turkish durum or doener kebab. I don't know until when warung mini will be still using halal chicken, but at least I can enjoy my favourite soto soup for a while.

Oh yes, for those who are interested to come, here I also attach their working hours picture (or "warung hours" to be more precise :p).

Okie have fun guys :)

Exploring Software Release Management T_T

I've been trying to get a brief understanding of what the software release management (SRM) really is. The sketch below shows my personal interpretation:

I've been surfing around and I think that the following (sorted) URLs might be useful for introducing SRM:

1) "Release Management: Where to Start?"
2) "Agile Release Train Community of Practice"
3) "Software Versioning"
4) "Release Management in Large Free Software Projects - Video"
5) "Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)"
6) "DevOps"
7) "Software Release Management Best Practices"
8) "7 Ways to Improve Your Software Release Management"

Have fun then :)