Saturday, January 21, 2012

"The Evolution of Cooperation" Review

Hoahh.. Finally, I've managed to finish Axelrod's classical book, The Evolution of Cooperation. I've borrowed the book from the company's library several months ago. The book is about how cooperation can emerge in the world of self interested agents. Based on 2 series of iterated prisoner dilemma competitions, it is shown that the unsophisticated TIT for TAT strategy is able to defeat its competing strategies, which often utilize more complicated approaches. The tactical characterization of the TIT for TAT simple strategy is then explained, generalized to a broader context (such as the world war 1 and the field of evolutionary biology), and compiled into cooperation strategies advises. For me, the first 3 chapters (out of 9 chapters) are the most interesting ones. The rest is rather lengthy elaboration for the first three chapters' pointers. The lesson offered is definitely an eye opener, the "story telling" style is not for me though. Anyway,the book is a must have for my private library and most importantly I've read it completely yeaa.. :p

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How SOPA/PIPA will harm all internet citizens.

From a mini research I did after work, I think the video from Salman Khan (Khan Academy) is the most comprehensive one. The SOPA/PIPA act will brim snowball effect not only for Americans but also the whole world net citizens. Enjoy this video (I embed the video from Khan Academy's channel in You tube), this sort of information sharing may not be possible anymore if the SOPA/PIPA is legalized ( sigh...:( ).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eksperimen Sushi

Suatu hari dalam kisah negri abrakadabra... :p

A: "Kalau kau tak dapat membantu dengan tangan dan kakimu, minimal bantulah dengan doamu.."
B: "Kalau berdoa pun tak bisa?"
A: "Setidaknya janganlah menjadi pengganggu.."
B: "Hmm.. okelah kalu begitu.. (warteg boyz mode hehehe :))"

Interpretasi kisah yang (terlalu) pragmatis..
Waw.. ada yang lagi coba bikin-bikin sushi..
Karena tidak bisa bantu.. setidaknya (sok-sok) bantuin foto, dan berusaha tidak mengganggu..
Walhasil dapet juga cemilan manis.. Hasilnya cukup cihui... :D